Portal Wands

Golden Dawn Chief Adept's Portal Wand
The Pentagram Wand (Chief Adept’s Portal Wand)
The pentagram represents the four elements of nature crowned and united by the fifth—spirit.
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Golden Dawn Third Adept's Portal Wand - Painted (salt)
The Salt Wand (Third Adept’s Portal Wand)
The symbol of salt on the Tree of Life embraces all the Sephiroth except Malkuth, and is as it were, the Reconciler between sulfur and mercury.
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Second Adept's Golden Dawn Portal Wand - Painted (sulfur)
The Sulfur Wand (Second Adept’s Portal Wand)
The Sulfur-headed wand is the scepter of the Second Adept in the Portal Hall (The Second Degree).
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