Golden Dawn Flaming Sword
Deluxe Damascus Flaming Magic Sword
Our most elegant Magic Sword, featuring a wavy blade forged from Damascus steel. THE FLAMING SWORD or Lightning Flash is formed by the natural order of the Sephiroth on the Tree of Life. It is the descending current of Divine Energy, and it resembles a flash of Lightning. The Flaming Magic Sword incorporates this Qabalistic symbolism with the Golden Dawn's Magic Sword of the Z.A.M. Options: You can have the sword inscribed in the traditional fashion (with Divine Names and Sigils for both Mars and Geburah), or just with Geburah Names and Sigils.
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Golden Dawn Phoenix Wand (head)
Phoenix Wand (Second Adept’s Wand)
The Phoenix-headed Wand is the implement of the Second Adept who represents the active, fiery  masculine principle and the Sephirah of Geburah.
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Golden Dawn Magic Sword - Painted
The Magic Sword
The Magic Sword of the Z. A. M. is to be used in all cases where great force and strength are to be used and are required, but principally for banishing, and for defense against evil or unbalanced forces.
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