Golden Dawn Keryx Wand
Caduceus-topped Keryx Wand
The Caduceus-topped Keryx Wand
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Golden Dawn Cancellarius Wand - Painted
Cancellarius Wand (The Hexagram Wand)
The hexagram which heads the wand of the Cancellarius is a symbol of perfection, of Tiphareth, and of the two great opposing forces -- Fire and Water, or positive and negative -- in balanced equilibrium.
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Golden Dawn Cross and Triangle
Cross and Triangle
The true symbol of the Golden Dawn is the red cross above the white triangle. The Cross and Triangle are two separate pieces, made from wood.
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Golden Dawn Hegemon's Wand
Hegemon’s Wand
The Hegemon’s Wand or the miter-headed scepter is the distinctive ensign of the office of Hegemon.
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Golden Dawn Hierophant's Wand
Hierophant’s Wand
The Hierophant’s Wand is symbolically the most important wand in the Neophyte Hall and in all of the halls of the Outer Order.
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Golden Dawn Praemonstrator's Wand - Painted
Praemonstrator’s Wand (The Maltese Cross Wand)
The Maltese Cross  heads the Praemonstrator's Wand. It is also known as the Cross of Four Triangles and the pyramidal cross.
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