Kerubic Altar Plaques
Kerubic Altar Plaques
The Kerubic Altar Plaques come in a set of 4 plaques. They are essentially Second Order talismans that are placed on the Circular Altar within the Vault of the Adepti. They are made of wood and the Kerub images are hand-carved in a bas-relief. Each plaque is 6 inches in diameter and 1 inch thick. They are painted in the flashing colors of the Elements and have white felt on the bottom of each plaque.
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Large Gothic Golden Dawn Water CupWater Cup
Large Gothic Water Cup
THIS ITEM HAS BEEN SOLD This is not your average Water Cup. The Large Gothic Water Cup is hefty and is painted in the colors of blue, metallic sapphire, orange, gold, and silver. The eight Lotus Petals are ornamented with gold crosses within a gold gothic arch. On the bottom of the Cup is a Water Talisman surrounded by a ring of blue felt to protect the artwork and safeguard your altar from scratches. This is a unique, one-of-a-kind item. Once it's gone, it's gone. It just needs a motto (If desired) and it's ready to ship.  
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Golden Dawn Caduceus: Keryx Wand
The Keryx’s Wand (The Caduceus)
The Caduceus Wand of the Keryx is a most impressive and complex implement. It is the wand of Hermes (also known as Thoth and Mercury), the god of wisdom, magic and communication. Related Item: Caduceus-Topped Keryx Wand
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Golden Dawn Chief Adept's Portal Wand
The Pentagram Wand (Chief Adept’s Portal Wand)
The pentagram represents the four elements of nature crowned and united by the fifth—spirit.
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Golden Dawn Praemonstrator's Wand - Painted
The Praemonstrator’s Wand (The Maltese Cross Wand)
The Maltese Cross  heads the Praemonstrator's Wand. It is also known as the Cross of Four Triangles and the pyramidal cross.
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Golden Dawn Chief Adept's Wand
The Ur-uatchti (Chief Adept’s Wand)
The Ur-uatchti is one of the most powerful and beautiful of all the wands of the Second Order.
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