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Ritual Use of Magical Tools: The Magician’s Art (Used Copy)


RARE OUT-OF-PRINT BOOK: Ritual Use of Magical Tools: The Magician’s Art by Chic Cicero and Sandra Tabatha Cicero.  Slight scuffing on the cover with cover corners slightly damaged. Otherwise good condition. Signed by the authors.

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If you’ve ever looked at books about the Hermetic Order of the Golden Dawn, you know they used all sorts of wands, paraphernalia and tools. But what do they represent? And how can they be used? Finally, Golden Dawn adepts Chic and Sandra Tabatha Cicero reveal all in Ritual Use of Magical Tools! (This is an expanded and revised version of part of what was previously published as Secrets of a Golden Dawn Temple.)

You’ll learn the meanings of and how to use all of the major tools and symbols found in both the inner and outer orders of the Golden Dawn. For example, the Hegemon – one of the ritual officers of the Golden Dawn – wears a badge with a special cross on it. What does it mean? You’ll find a meditation on it that will help to clarify its meaning. The Ciceros also clearly describe its and give you a way to use it for invoking the element of Fire. This kind of thorough work makes this book a must.

Ritual Use of Magical Tools goes far beyond just the tools. It also is filled with a wide variety of rituals, meditations, and pathworkings that could keep you busy for weeks, or even months, on your path toward spiritual enlightenment. There is also information on how to work with the Tarot and even a clear and simple explanation of how to do Geomantic divination.

This book is a must for any person who either practices or is interested in the Golden Dawn. But even if you’re not a Golden Dawner, you’ll find new insights that apply to your magic. The pathworkings and meditations alone will give you new awareness and understanding of your life and your magic! You owe it to yourself to get this book today!

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552 pages softcover, Llewellyn Publications; 3rd edition (2001)