Golden Dawn Crook and Scourge
Crook and Scourge
The Crook and Scourge symbolize the opposing concepts of Mercy and Severity. They are additional implements of the Chief Adept when he or she is in the Godform of Osiris within the Vault of the Adepti. Approx. Size: 24" long, 6" wide, 1" deep.
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Golden Dawn Crux Ansata
Crux Ansata
Crux Ansata is Latin for "handle-shaped cross," referring to the ankh.
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Golden Dawn Phoenix Wand (head)
Phoenix Wand (Second Adept’s Wand)
The Phoenix-headed Wand is the implement of the Second Adept who represents the active, fiery  masculine principle and the Sephirah of Geburah.
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Golden Dawn Chief Adept's Wand
Ur-uatchti (Chief Adept’s Wand)
The Ur-uatchti is one of the most powerful and beautiful of all the wands of the Second Order.
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