Golden Dawn: Tarot Talismans
Tarot Talismans
The tarot is much more than a collection of symbolic images—it's a vibrant ecosystem of interconnected energies and entities. In this groundbreaking approach to tarot, they introduce how these powerful cards can be magically transformed into talismans and amulets.
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Cicero: The Babylonian Tarot
The Bablyonian Tarot (kit)
By Sandra Tabatha Cicero. The only tarot deck based on the Sumerian-Babylonian mythos.
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Genaw and Cicero: Enochian Skrying Tarot
The Golden Dawn Enochian Skrying Tarot (kit)
By Bill Genaw, Judy Genaw, Chic Cicero and S. Tabatha Cicero. Don't confuse this deck with any simple Tarot! This amazing, 2-sided deck is a wonder of spirituality, mysticism, and divination.
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