New Items! Lamens and Admission Badges

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The Golden Dawn Shop is proud to present the latest additions to our line of custom-made magical items: Lamens and Admission Badges.

Golden Daw Middle Pillar Officers' Lamens
Lamens of the Hierophant, Hiereus, and  Hegemon

Lamens for the outer Order Officers are sold as a set. They are backed with wood and include velcro so that they may be attached to collars made by Azoth Art.

An Admission Badge is something given to a candidate at his or her initiation to insure passage into the temple. It can be a solid geometric object, a diagram, or a lamen of one of the officers.

Golden Dawn Cross of 12 Squares
Calvary Cross of 12 Squares (Red-violet and Yellow-green)


Our Admission Badges are made of wood. Options for black-and-white or colored Badges are available. All can be purchased separately or in sets. Buying in sets is more cost effective.

If you have a unique idea in mind for a magical implement, contact us! We create customized and personalized implements for individuals, sacred spaces, and temples from various traditions!