New Items, Unique Items, and June Specials!

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Here at the Golden Dawn Shop, we decided that one Flaming Magic Sword was not enough. Therefore we are proud to present our newest item: The Deluxe Damascus Flaming Magic Sword. This is a medium length sword (approx. 33″ long and 8″ wide at the hilt) with a stunning blade forged from Damascus steel.

Golden Dawn Flaming Sword
Deluxe Damascus Magic Flaming Sword


And don’t forget our spectacular Deluxe Large Flaming Magic Sword  (44″ long and 8″ wide at the hilt).

Golden Dawn Flaming Magic Sword
Golden Dawn Flaming Magic Sword


Both versions have hilts ornamented with the Divine Hebrew names and sigils associated with Geburah in flashing green. The grip is covered with leather. Both versions are also available in Hiereus-style hilts (painted black with Pentagrams and Eye of Horus).



Tall Jeweled Water Cup

This Cup is made of wood, 8″ high by 3″ wide with painted petals, Hebrew and sigils, ornamented with blue jewels. This is a unique, one-of-a-kind item. Once it’s gone, it’s gone. It just needs a motto and finish coat and it’s ready to ship.

Golden Dawn Water Cup
Tall Jeweled Water Cup



Buy any finished  Ankh Wand (fully painted and sealed) and get a set of Enochian Tablet Posters FREE.

Golden Dawn Ankh wand
Ankh Wand: can be painted in any color


The ankh is a sacred symbol which alludes to the manifestation of the divine life force. It is also considered a form of the Venus symbol and another form of the Rose and Cross. Venus is the only planet whose sigil embraces all of the Sephiroth on the Tree of Life. This non-traditional wand can be painted in any color specified. Use the code June2017 at checkout.