2 New Unique Items

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These are unique, one-of-a-kind items. Once they’re gone, they’re gone.

The Blue-Jeweled Water Cup is made of wood, 6.5″ high by 3″ wide with painted petals, Hebrew and sigils, and ornamented with blue jewels. It just needs a motto and finish coat and it’s ready to ship.

The Golden Dawn Water Cup is one of the Four Elemental Tools of the Adept. The Water Cup is used by the Zelator Adeptus Minor in all magical workings pertaining to the nature of elemental Water, and under the presidency of the Hebrew letter Heh and the “Cup of the Tarot.” The Cup is based in part on Egyptian Lotus designs. The Cup has eight lotus petals painted blue ornamented with orange.


Golden Dawn Jeweled Water Cup
Blue-Jeweled Water Cup


Vault Ceiling Wall Plaque


Vault Ceiling Plaque

Designed to be hung on a wall, this 3-dimensional plaque is 7 inches in diameter. It depicts the ceiling of the Vault of the Adepti, the powerful ritual chamber of the Golden Dawn’s Second Order, as described in the Adeptus Minor Ceremony:

“On the ceiling is a Triangle enclosing a Rose of 22 petals, within a Heptangle formed of a Heptagram reflected from the Seven Angles of the Wall. The Triangle represents the Three Supernal Sephiroth; the Heptagram, the Lower Seven; the Rose represents the 22 paths of the Serpent of Wisdom.”

Constructed from wood and decoupage. Metal hook on the back.


Periodically we create one-of-a-kind items that don’t fit neatly into our regular product categories. Most just need a motto and a finish coat and are ready to ship. We will offer these for sale as they become available, however, once a item has been sold, it’s gone. So come back and check our “News” section regularly for new unique items.