NEW: Unfinished Earth Pentacle

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The word pentacle or pantacle is derived from the Latin word pentaculum, which is said by some to mean “small painting.” Eliphas Levi described the pentacle as being similar to a talisman. The pentacle can be said to represent a container for the magical forces inscribed on it. It is used to encircle these forces and bring them into physical or earthly manifestation. The Earth Pentacle of the Golden Dawn is used by the adept in all magical workings pertaining to the nature of Earth, and is under the presidency of the Hebrew letter Heh Final, and of the “Pentacle of the Tarot.” The Zelator Adeptus Minor uses it in rituals where the spirits of the element of Earth are invoked. The four quarters of the pentacle are painted in the Briah (Queen Scale) colors of Malkuth, alluding to the sub-quarters or sub-elements that exist within the make-up of the tenth Sephirah. The white edge and border of the pentacle allude to the necessity of spirit which must ever guide the actions of matter. The white Hexagram is a symbol of the divine union of opposites, the marriage of Fire and Water. It represents perfection, harmony, and reconciliation. Here it symbolizes the divine spirit equilibriating and binding together all four elements of Malkuth.

We now offer an unfinished Earth Pentacle – made of 3/4 inch wood, embellished on both sides with an outline of the circle and hexagram of Malkuth. This version is available for those who would like to paint their own Pentacle.

Unfinished Earth Pentacle


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