Shipping Options Glitch Finally Fixed

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The USPS / Fed-Ex / UPS shipping extension glitch with Paypal has FINALLY been sorted out. Various shipping options are now available and customers should no longer get error messages that prevent them from  completing their orders. We would like to thank everyone for their patience during this time!

While the website was having this problem, we announced two new wands for purchase. They are:

The Tarot Wand is a non-traditional Golden Dawn-style wand created by Chic and Tabatha Cicero and featured in the books Secrets of a Golden Dawn Temple and Creating Magical Tools. It is used to consecrate and give added strength to any divination using the Tarot.

Tarot Wand

The highly-sought-after Caduceus-topped Keryx Wand that we offered as a unique item is back! Now available as a regular item for sale — painted or unpainted.

 Keryx Wand

We will be adding more items soon, so check back often!



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